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Knowing how to manage your health in adolescence is very important. are teenagers healthy This lets you avoid health problems that are common among adolescents who do not control their health. At the age of adolescence, healthy teenagers are teenagers healthy the body grows faster than other steps. Then brain releases hormones that cause changes in different parts of the body. These hormones cause the production of the hormone teenagers healthy eating testosterone and sperm count in male adolescents.

are teenagers healthy For girls, the release of hormones in the brain that stimulate the production of the hormone estrogen and maturation of eggs in the ovaries have been since birth. This is when a girl starts having menstrual periods are teenagers healthy teenagers healthy eating.

If teens do not have sufficient and reliable information on the changes that occur in the body at this age, are likely to engage in activities that lead to unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, are teenagers healthy it is imperative that as a parent or guardian who will take the time to tell them about the changes. teenagers healthy eating Let them know about the changes and what it does. Although some parents assume that their children learn in school, are teenagers healthy but it is also your responsibility to talk to their children about sex at the age of adolescence.

Sexual abuse and sexual risk behaviors may occur in adolescents. Therefore, if a teenager is a victim of sexual abuse, are teenagers healthy is essential to seek immediate medical attention. Similarly, healthy teenagers if you have health problems in their sexual organs or an error in one part of your body, it is essential to consult a doctor.

Obesity is also a common health problem among adolescents. Some teens have low self esteem because they do not like the way they look. As a result, some teens become stressed and eat too much or too little. To avoid these problems, are teenagers healthy it is necessary for the parent or guardian counseling adolescents to adopt healthy eating habits.

Junk food, healthy teenagers skipping meals and eating unhealthy foods should be avoided. This will help prevent common health problems resulting from poor eating habits among adolescents.

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