Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

Losing weight seems to be on almost everyone's to-do-list these days. Who doesn't have a few extra pounds to lose? Diet alone without proper physical exercise will not give you the desired results.

Changing unhealthy habits and at the same time incorporating physical workouts into your already hectic and most probably stressful lifestyle can be daunting. Dieting without exercising will make weight loss harder to achieve. However, it might actually be not as difficult as you think.

First of all, set realistic goals. Do not expect to see fantastic results in a very short period of time. Aim for smaller goals, say, per week, than to aim for a higher weight loss per month.
Do not be tempted to skip meals or try to starve yourself. This will only result in a drop in your metabolic rate. This can cause weight gain instead and may even adversely affect your health. It is better to break your meals into smaller portions and taken with more frequency instead of 3 big main meals. The last meal is best taken before 8pm. This helps to minimize food cravings too. No more unhealthy junk food!
Remember, eating less is not the answer. Focus on healthy food instead. Even when you snack, choose healthy snacks such as carrot or celery sticks instead of the fat-laden fries. Salad greens can be tasty and healthy at the same time.

Stay hydrated by drinking more water. This has the added advantage of making you feel fuller and thus cut down on snacks in between meals.

Having a session of brisk walking about half an hour before mealtime, prepares your body for digestion. Walking helps in setting a higher metabolic rate and this result in more calories burned from your meal later. On top of that, your appetite also diminishes. In fact, walking is known to decrease food cravings.
Get every opportunity to walk. Walk the stairs instead of taking the lift, walk to the bus-stop or station, walk to the nearby shops, walk back from work if possible, walk the dog, every little bit helps in the long term.
It is best to include both cardiovascular activity and strength training as part of your workout plans. Joining a gym means you get professional advice on the best training method suited for you. It is important that you work on all your muscle groups. If you find a gym membership too expensive, then how about joining your local community service workout groups?

For the busy mom with no spare time to exercise outdoors, there is always the home treadmill or elliptical trainer to take care of your exercise needs. With their professionally designed workout programs to guide you along, you can still get fantastic results.

You might be surprised to learn that your weight gain may be due to your constant lack of beauty sleep. Scientific studies have proven that people who are sleep deprived tends to have a tendency to over-eat. This is due to a decrease in the hormone regulating intake of food, metabolism and fat burning. You have an urge to eat even though you might not actually be hungry. Higher food intake with reduced metabolic rate and fat burning equals weight gain. So make sure you sleep at least 7 hours each night.
Exercising regularly not only results in a healthy weight but also benefits your health. It helps to maintain your blood pressure, cholesterol and ward off diseases.

So, stop procrastinating and get on with your fitness goals. NOW is the best time to start.
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