8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Tired of being overweight? Or just trying to cut down some fat and look fabulous, today we're going to talk about the 8 key steps to lose weight.
Most of us can't deny the fact that delicious & mouth watering food are all around us and we all crave for them without knowing the consequences. Well it wouldn't affect you if you do it once in a blue moon, but most of us don't keep track of it, we just eat and eat.
The cumulative effect on us is devastating, it may vary from person to person but it will affect us at some point. We also feel guilty and sinful after eating all those food, and it's going to affect our daily lives, we have mood swings, feeling lethargic, and ultimately feeling like a big loser.
All of that is going to change in a minute. I've dedicated this post to all of you, whether you have failed in losing weight before or just getting started.
There are 3 resources that you should have, first is knowing what you want, then knowing how to do it. And lastly knowing how to be motivated through out the whole journey.
So stay with me on this.
1. Set Your Own Goal
the most fundamental step in losing weight is to set a certain goal, the goal will be a motivation for you to keep moving. But set goals that are realistic to you, not too high and not too low. Either way you can readjust them during the losing weight process. For instance you want to lose 10 pounds of fat in just a week, that's not realistic, on the other hand you are aiming to lose 10 pounds of fat in 8 - 10 weeks, that's a common short-term goal people have. It's better to have a long-term goal rather than a short one, or even better, make many short-term goals that you believe you can achieve, and then when you get the hang of it, go for a long-term goal.
2. Track Yourself

All you need is a pen/pencil and a piece of A4 paper (preferred), just draw a table with the days on the vertical column and weeks on the horizontal rows, record your weight everyday so that you can see whether you have a positive or negative progress. Remember, self awareness is self motivation. You will work harder to achieve better looking results.
3. Be a Cheerleader for Yourself
When it comes to motivation, many people actually do not have much, they just quit after so many months of hard work Normally these people are just not mentally strong enough, they often feel inferior in the presence of someone with better physique. Be mentally strong, don't let any negative thought slip into your mind. Cheer when you have progress, don't look down on yourself & don't be too obsess about setbacks, you'll get back into the game in no time!
4. Don't Sabotage Yourself
Many of us sabotage ourselves unconsciously like saying:"you'll never get there" or "only lost 1 pound in 2 weeks? just give up". Surprisingly though, all these negativity can be your motivation. When you see yourself thinking like this, rephrase or restructure the sentences to a more constructive statement, like "I may not lose as much weight as I expected, but at least I am moving on, achieving my goals". Something like that.
5. Control Your Diet
This is probably the hardest part of all the process. A lot of people binge due to stress and stuff but little do they know binging is physically and mentally unhealthy. Many people also go "on" a diet and lose some pounds here and there, but what happens when they go "off" a diet, they weight will balloon and they will be from where they started. So don't go on a diet, that's not an option. Then what do you do then, simple, just eat less and exercise more! It's as easy as that. But mind that you should avoid oily food and eat more organic food stuff.
6. Get Company
It's more fun to get a partner to do your workout with, especially with your bestie. WRONG. Don't get your bestie to do cardio activities with you, get a friend who has the same goal as you, which is losing weight, and a less talkative one is preferred. You and your company will motivate and help out each other, and make it like a game, if you didn't do your workout on a certain day, then you have to be punished, so there's 1 more reason to hit the gym.
7. Envision Your Success
you can imagine that you have already succeeded in losing weight and how great life is now. So in order to have that feeling that you had in your imagination, you will push yourself harder to achieve it, or at least get one step closer to it. For instance, you can also imagine what food would be best to have for the meal so that you have healthier food when you dine out. Revisit these scenarios often, and think about how good you will feel about achieving your goals.
8. Don't Procrastinate
Probably one of the biggest lies people tell is that they'll start TOMORROW, which we know it's not going to happen. As the saying goes, procrastination is the thief of time, you are just going to waste time and tell more lies if you keep doing this. So if you determined to lose weight, do it NOW! not later, not tomorrow, NOW! People tend to skip their workouts and give tons of excuses, these are all just BS, none of them are true. The next day they'll feel guilty about it, but they will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, because they procrastinate. So learn from other people's mistakes, it's stupid to repeat other people's wrong doings.

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